Safe driving

Safety and health resources for organizations with employees who drive as part of their work duties.

Distracted driving: When ignoring work calls could save your life
Duration 1 minute | Watch now

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about vehicle safety and other safety topics.


Distracted driving
What not to do behind the wheel. (It’s not just texting.)
Duration 1 minute | Watch now



Find more on the trucking safety page.

Accountability at all levels [PDF]
See how everyone at an organization has a role in accountability.
 (20 min)

Driver safety program checklist [PDF]
A handy checklist to evaluate your driver safety program that includes training, vehicle selection and maintenance, and organization-level policies and programs.

Fatigue is a contributing factor to injuries in transportation
Find more information on our fatigue, sleep, and shiftwork page.

Seatbelts are essential safety equipment [PDF] (Spanish)
Safety talk on the the benefits of using seatbelts when driving. 

Safe driving handout [PDF] (Spanish)
A quick one-page handout of safe driving tips with how management can support safe driving. 

Drivers: Print this bookmark to test your reaction time

Fleet telematics
SAIF has partnered with StriveSafe to offer a discount to policyholders for their fleet telematics product, which includes real-time tracking for fleets of any size.

Steering toward total driver safety [PDF]
This handout uses a hierarchy of controls for driver safety that provides suggestions for ways to prevent vehicle-related incidents.

Wait for it...this could save your life (SummerBreak 4)
Short video on the dangers of using a cellphone while driving. (3.50)

Motor vehicle safety (NIOSH)
Visit the NIOSH website for crash data, motor vehicle safety publications, a list of upcoming events, and additional resources.

Distracted driving (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
Find short videos, posters, and other tools (in both English and Spanish) designed to stop distracted driving in the U.S.

Older drivers in the workplace (NIOSH)
An overview of the unique challenges of older drivers.

Oregon DMV record inquiry accounts (ODOT/DMV)
You may qualify to receive employment driving records.


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