Safety Break for Oregon

Every year since 2003, businesses across the state have taken part in Safety Break for Oregon on the second Wednesday in May.  

The event is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of a safe and healthy workplace. Employers use this time to hold events such as special safety committee meetings, hazard scavenger hunts, and safety awards. 

To help you start your workplace conversation about ways to prevent injuries and promote health, here are some resources from SAIF: 

Safety committees

Safety committees are a critical way to help employees stay safe.



An engaged and effective safety committee can help businesses eliminate hazards and control costs, and—most importantly—help employees stay safe. If you’re new to safety committees, these resources will help you get started. Safety meeting & safety officer training 

Safe driving

Driving can be a major part of our work and personal life. Find out how to do it safely.



Explore these safety and health resources for organizations with employees who drive as part of their work duties. Safe driving 


Ergonomics can keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy in the office, at the worksite, and on the move.



Ergonomics is about arranging our environments so we can work comfortably and safely, whether we're in the office or on the move. Learn about ergonomic workstations, mobile devices, proper posture, stretching, and more. Ergonomics in the workplace 

Stress and mental health 

Mental well-being in the workplace is an important part of overall health. Learn how you can create a psychologically healthy workplace. 



Mental well-being in the workplace is an important part of overall health. These resources can help you create a psychologically healthy workplace, learn how to reduce organizational stressors, and effectively address serious issues such as suicide prevention. Stress and mental well-being in the workplace 

Emergency planning

Emergencies happen at work and at home. Here’s how to prepare.



Stuff happens. And sometimes stuff happens at workplaces. You can’t predict it, but you can prepare. Emergency planning and response

Visit saif.com/safety for more workplace safety and health resources.