Don’t just sit there

During National Safety Month, find ergo tips for working comfortably and safely wherever you are.

posted June 01, 2017

Don't just sit there

Did you know?

  • Strains and sprains are the most frequent injury for SAIF policyholders, with nearly 15,000 claims a year.
  • In the last two decades, the percentage of workers who telecommute has increased by nearly 30 percent.
  • Tilting your head 60 degrees to look at your phone adds 50 pounds of weight to your neck.

Here's what you can do:

  • At your workstation, choose a fully adjustable chair that supports the curve of your lower back. Keep your feet flat on the floor, upper legs and forearms parallel, elbows at your side, and wrists flat.
  • If you use a laptop as your primary work computer, consider adding a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Position the monitor directly in front of you, about an arm's length away. Adjust screen height (including phones and tablets) so your head doesn't tilt forward or back.
  • Schedule frequent breaks away from your computer or device. Improve balance and posture with stretching and strengthening exercises.

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