Discounts announced for OGSERP members

Employers who have a better-than-average loss history and meet the group program criteria may qualify.

posted July 10, 2017

Discounts announced for OGSERP members

SAIF partners with 20 trade and business associations that endorse SAIF as their workers’ compensation carrier of choice. Employers who have a better-than-average loss history and meet the group program-specific eligibility criteria may qualify to participate in one of these group programs and receive the benefits of group participation.

One of the potential benefits is a supplemental group discount (Oregon Group Supplemental Experience Rating Program or OGSERP) if they meet the necessary underwriting criteria, and if the group has earned a discount.

SAIF has received NCCI validation and DCBS approval for July 1, 2017, OGSERP filings with the following discounts:

Discount percentage Group name 
 8 Associated Oregon Industries CompSAFE
 2 Associated Oregon Loggers
 3 Gossard & Associates Inc.
 6 Home Builders Association
 20 Northwest Auto Trades Association
 6 Oregon AGLINK
 4 Oregon Fuels Association
 32 Oregon Medical Group Management Association
 4 Oregon Public Employers Group
 16 Oregon Wheat Growers League
 3 Oregon Employers Coalition

Subgroups of Oregon Employers Coalition:

  • Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon
  • National Electrical Contractors Association
  • Northwest Tire Dealers Association
  • Oregon Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association
  • Technology Association of Oregon

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