Getting a quote


Applying for SAIF workers' comp coverage for your clients is easy.

  • Online: Use saifQuote, our fast online submission system that's based on the ACORD form.

                 You can access saifQuote through Business Online.
                 Watch the saifQuote demo.

          Mail: SAIF, 400 High St SE, Salem OR, 97312
          Fax: 503.373.8769


If your application is approved by either saifQuote or one of our underwriters, you'll receive a proposal with the approved pricing information.


Once you have presented the quote to your client, you have five working days from the effective date of coverage or acceptance of coverage by the client (whichever comes first) to bind coverage.If you need any assistance, call our agency staff at 800.285.8525. We're happy to help in any way we can.


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