Top 3 safety trainings

A safe and healthy place to work is important—for you and your employees. Not sure where to start? Our free online trainings can help—in 10 minutes or less.

posted January 12, 2018

Identifying workplace hazards
Finding and fixing hazards takes time and practice. In this interactive, online training, you'll learn what to look for and which problem areas to tackle first.
Duration: 10 minutes | Take the training now 

Practice what you’ve learned with these “Spot the hazard” videos.

Find more resources, including a safety inspection checklist.

Accident/incident analysis: Getting to the root of the problem

Learn a simple six-step process for getting to the root cause of workplace accidents and incidents. We call it taking ACTION.
Duration: 8 minutes | Take the training now

Find more resources, including a fillable form to guide your investigation.

Safety committees and safety meetings: What you need to know and how to get started

As an Oregon employer, you’re required to have a safety committee or hold regular safety meetings. We'll walk you through the steps to find out which one is right for your business.
Duration: 10 minutes | Take the training now

Find more resources, including “10 ways to energize your safety committee.”

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