Common hazards in the workplace

Workplace hazards are defined as “any condition, practice, or act that could result in an employee injury or illness.” Browse these resources for tools to help identify, correct, and prevent hazards.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about workplace hazard identification and control. Start here:

Online training

Identifying workplace hazards
Finding and fixing hazards takes time and practice. In this interactive, online training, you'll learn what to look for and which problem areas to tackle first.
Duration: 10 minutes | Watch now   [Spanish]


Hazard recognition and control

Effective hazard recognition and control [PDF]  
This comprehensive guide is designed to help employers conduct workplace inspections, identify hazards, and improve safety.

Controlling hazards [PDF]
Learn about the hierarchy of controls, with practical advice for putting them into practice. [PDF]

Hazard identification 

Hazard identification is the foundation of a safe workplace [PDF]
Use these tools to document workplace hazards and eliminate, reduce, or manage risk.

Department inspection form [PDF] [Spanish]
Use this generic checklist to identify common workplace hazards and note actions to be taken to correct them.


Video library

DVD (no streaming available)

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  • Workplace hazard perception challenge | GENSAFE-01
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  • Job Safety Analysis, Safety Awareness, and You | GENSAFE-02
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  • Job safety analysis: pro-active planning | GENSAFE-4
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