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Take a safety break with a safety video

Watch these 5 videos to help keep your employees and workplaces safe and healthy.

It’s almost time to celebrate Safety Break for Oregon.

On Wednesday, May 10, join other businesses across the state in this annual event that reminds us of the importance of a safe and healthy workplace. This is the 20th year of Safety Break, which provides a time to focus on the part we all play in identifying and eliminating hazards.  

Employers use this time to raise awareness with activities such as special safety committee meetings, hazard scavenger hunts, and safety awards. 

Not sure where to start? Use your safety break to explore key safety topics with five of our most popular videos: 

  1. An engaged and effective safety committee can help businesses eliminate hazards, control costs, and—most importantly—help employees stay safe. Can dinosaur workplace havoc be prevented? | Jurassic Park parody - YouTube 

  2. Ergonomics can keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy in the office, at the worksite, and on the move. Office Ergonomics: Simple solutions for comfort and safety - YouTube 

  3. Emergencies happen at work and at home. Here’s how to prepare. 5 to stay alive: at work - YouTube
  4. Mental well-being in the workplace is an important part of overall health. Learn how you can create a psychologically healthy workplace. Mental health: Let's talk about it - YouTube 

  5. Driving can be a major part of our work and personal life. Find out how to do it safely. Distracted driving: When ignoring work calls could save your life - YouTube 

Also, check out other SAIF resources for additional ways to take a Safety Break for Oregon at saif.com/safetybreak.