Ergonomic lighting considerations

Follow these tips on contrast and lighting components.

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  • An aging workforce needs more lighting (contrast), especially task lighting. 
  • To correct contrast problems: Use ink instead of pencil for hard copy work; use white paper instead of colored; adjust photocopier exposure, monitor brightness and contrast; and decrease reflected glare.
  • Data entry speed increases with an increase in illumination and/or contrast. 20 years 60 years 75 years

Contrast is the relationship between the brightness of an object and its background.

Dual lighting components

  • Dual-component lighting schemes can positively impact comfort and performance while lowering energy consumption 30 percent to 40 percent.
  • Conflict exists between lighting requirements for computer work and paper-based tasks.
  • Proper light levels vary significantly with worker age and tasks.
  • Cool color temperature lighting for paperbased documents. Warm color temperature for computer work. 
  • Ideal compromise: warm ambient lighting combined with cool task lighting.
  • Position task light opposite the worker's writing hand.

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