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Improving your safety culture starts with leadership

SAIF’s safety leadership series presents short trainings in different formats

If you want your safety and health efforts to be successful, you need to have strong leadership in place. This is so essential, it even has a name: safety leadership. 

However, leadership training can be expensive or too time-intensive, and  many employers can’t spare the resources needed to complete it. 

SAIF’s leadership series is different. 

It’s free to anyone with an internet connection—you don’t even need to be a policyholder. We built it using adult learning principles and the cafeteria learning model, which means you can pick from shorter training modules presented in a variety of formats. Every topic has a handout (most in Spanish, too), and many have accompanying eLearning modules and videos, so you can pick trainings based on how you best learn. And the content is not limited to managers or supervisors—anyone can benefit from learning these skills, regardless of job title. 

The foundation of the course is human and organizational performance (HOP), which focuses on involving employees in work decisions instead of making them from the top down. You can learn more about HOP in this handout (also in Spanish) and an eLearning module.  

From there, you can learn about a variety of topics, including: 

The whole series is built on SAIF’s Ansbro Safety Culture Spectrum, which provides a roadmap of how to build a strong safety culture at organizations. Focusing on developing good leaders is one of the best ways to prevent injuries while improving in other operational areas at the same time. 

Want to learn more? www.saif.com/learntolead