Understanding your safety culture

This resource is part of SAIF’s leadership project, which is meant to help employers and leaders of organizations establish strong and sustainable safety cultures using research-based concepts and strategies.

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Culture is the invisible force that shapes our behavior. In the workplace, culture often reflects the attitudes, beliefs, and values that people share within an organization, including how safety is managed.

At SAIF, we’ve developed a tool that can help you understand your organization’s current safety culture and learn how to take safety and health to the next level. We call it the Ansbro Safety Culture Spectrum.

The Ansbro Safety Culture Spectrum can assess your safety culture in six critical areas:

  • Leadership and competing demands
  • Accountability
  • Employee involvement and communication
  • Risk assessment
  • Programs, procedures, policies, and training
  • Equipment, environment, and budget

Building a strong safety culture can benefit your organization by:

  • Creating a more desirable workplace to attract and retain employees
  • Improving morale and productivity
  • Increasing leadership skills
  • Engaging your workforce
  • Decreasing on-the-job injuries

Ready to learn more?

Your SAIF safety consultant can introduce you to the Ansbro Safety Culture Spectrum and share resources to help you build more effective safety programs. Contact us at 877.242.5211 or 503.673.5311, or email safetyservices@saif.com.

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