Video: Our latest safety video gets “a little western”

You’ve seen the ergo rap. Now check out our latest YouTube series on farm shop safety.

posted April 15, 2016

We didn't hire line dancers and make a country-and-western music video to kick-off our latest YouTube series, Farm shop safety: improving your odds.  [Play Spanish]

But we can promise a few surprises.

Like a poker game, a tea party, and a safety superhero who “lifts” a utility vehicle with his bare hands.

Farm shop safety: improving your odds

Our new safety video series addresses seven common problem areas around the typical farm shop and offers suggestions for preventing injuries and improving safety. Like Go Ergo!, SAIF's office ergonomics series, this video takes an entertaining approach to a serious subject.

Agriculture ranks among the nation's most hazardous industries. According to the CDC, 374 people died in 2012 from farmwork-related injuries. An estimated 14,000 young people were injured on farms. One of the audiences SAIF is hoping to reach with the farm shop series is FFA students.

SAIF produced the video in collaboration with Oregon Ag Link, the Oregon Association of Nurseries, and Kirk Lloyd Risk Management Services. The entire series runs just under 10 minutes.

To learn more about what you can do to lower your risk of workplace injuries, visit


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