2017 Comp News: putting safe and healthy habits within reach

Find simple strategies for helping workers achieve their healthy goals—and be safer in the process.

posted March 15, 2017

Comp News 2017 Healthy HabitsA safe and healthy workplace isn’t just good for people—it’s good for business.

Studies show that healthy workers get hurt less, are more productive and engaged, and have lower insurance costs. Safe and healthy workplaces also attract and keep top talent, and contribute to healthy communities.

In the latest issue of Comp News, you’ll learn what employers can do to support workers and help them achieve their healthy goals.

Also in this issue:

  • Become your company comp expert: Tackle these time-saving tasks online.
  • Prevent costly falls: Find free posters and other resources to keep your workplace safe.
  • Driving wellness: Think you have a hard time getting enough exercise? Try being strapped behind the wheel all day. Find out how Salem-Keizer Transit stepped up its wellness efforts, with help from its SAIF dividend.
  • Walking into a workers’ comp claim? Employer wellness programs are an important strategy in injury prevention, but some activities could be compensable.
  • Oregon’s dark secret: Don’t let our cloudy skies and wet weather fool you. Learn how to protect yourself from skin cancer.
  • Sneaky sugar: You’d be amazed what’s in the food you eat. Check out our infographic.

See the full issue online.


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