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We’re improving safety consulting

Two projects will help create clear expectations for consultants and clear guidance for our policyholders and strengthen collaboration with our stakeholders and business partners.

SAIF’s Safety and Health Services is working on two projects this year: strategic alignment of workflow (“SAW”) and the professional consulting series (“PCS”). The SAW project is a revision of how the division documents our work. The PCS project focuses on our consulting approach with policyholders.

The purpose of the SAW project is to bring consistency to our internal process and clearly demonstrate our contribution to the safety and health success of policyholders and SAIF. It moves us to a structured approach for staff to follow, with clearer and more actionable recommendations for our policyholders. This project also includes a ‘snapshot assessment’ --  a safety diagnostic tool for policyholders offering concise analysis.

The purpose of the PCS project is to provide consultants with the training necessary to increase the impact of their consulting with policyholders. SAIF has been working with Debra Ringold, Professor at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University, to create a custom course for our consultants. Part of this training focuses the consultant on identifying the values and goals of the policyholder.

PCS is the expectation for how we work with our policyholders, and SAW is the documentation of that work and communication to stakeholders. Together, they’ll help us create clear expectations for consultants and clear guidance for our policyholders, strengthen collaboration with our stakeholders and business partners, and move us closer to our vision of making Oregon the safest and healthiest state. 

We’ll share more information with you as these projects proceed. We anticipate agents and policyholders will be contacted by consultants in the late fall. Policyholders will work with consultants to better understand the policyholder’s values, and consultants will follow up to see what action the policyholder has taken as a result of a safety visit.

If you have any questions, please contact Paula Jones (paujon@saif.com), SAIF regional safety and health manager.