SAIF will upgrade our saifQuote application October 26

An upgrade to saifQuote will address the two main requests that we receive from agents.

An upgrade coming to saifQuote will address the two main requests that we receive from agents by expanding the number of no-touch codes and reducing the number of questions in the application process.

With this upgrade to saifQuote, we will add over 100 additional no-touch class codes. The ACORD questions and SAIF questions will be reduced and consolidated to a single page, and class specific questions will be reduced by half. Some wording and format changes will also be made to improve clarity and navigation. 

Here’s what else you need to know: 

  • We consolidated Step 8 – ACORD Questions and Step 9 – SAIF Questions into a single step and reduced the number of questions on that page. An application in SaifQuote will now require nine steps instead of 10. 
  • For in progress applications that have not been submitted yet:  
    • If you do not change the effective date, no additional actions are required prior to submission. 
    • If you do change the effective date to Oct. 26 or later, please review the SAIF questions section again prior to submission as some of the questions will change. 
  • SaifQuote is best viewed in Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 

Questions? Reach out to our service center at servicecenter@saif.com or 888.598.5880.