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SAIF and SDAO (Special Districts Association of Oregon) have entered into a group/services agreement

The agreement includes an overarching servicing group, of which SDAO staff will provide safety and health services.

SAIF and Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) have entered into a group/services agreement. The SDAO board of directors adopted an agreement in principle in November.

"We are excited to work with SDAO and combine the expertise of both our entities to provide a sustainable workers’ compensation program for Oregon’s special districts," said Chip Terhune, SAIF President and CEO. "Our missions are closely aligned, and this program will allow each of us to focus on what we do best, as well as provide stability for the market."

SAIF and SDAO have strong relationships and high retention of their current workers' compensation books of business. Both offer high-quality service and expertise that is valued by their respective policyholders.

What will this look like?

The agreement includes an overarching servicing group, of which SDAO staff will provide safety and health services. And, if approved by DCBS, SAIF would add a new discount (OGSERP) group within the servicing group for special districts that meet the underwriting eligibility criteria.

Special districts currently insured with SAIF or coming to SAIF from SDAO would opt into the servicing group. This provides them with the best of both worlds: being insured by SAIF and receiving safety services from industry-specific experts at SDAO.

"SAIF has seen positive results in partnering with unique industry associations similar to SDAO. We look forward to bringing the risk management consultants from SDAO into the larger SAIF family, just like we do with our other servicing group partners," said Christy Witzke, VP of marketing, sales, and communications.

Will SDAO continue to write workers' compensation?

SDAO will discontinue writing workers' compensation, but they will continue to write all other lines of insurance for their members. SDAO currently provides coverage for all other lines to many of SAIF's special districts policyholders. SDAO also provides some coverages for fully self-insured special districts. They have strong relationships with these districts, even if they don't write workers' comp.

When will SAIF begin writing these accounts?

SAIF will begin writing these accounts on July 1, 2023.