Payroll report and audit terms

New terminology was added when we launched our Guidewire policy and billing system.

When SAIF launched our Guidewire policy and billing system, new terminology was also introduced for premium transactions relating to payroll reports and audits.

To help you and our policyholders, we've updated the Payments and payroll reporting section to define terms in the letters, payroll report forms, and invoices that go out to SAIF policyholders. Please refer to the "Installment and annual pre-pay plan policies" and "Premium reporting policies" tabs under Payroll reporting for additional details.

In addition, we've added the terminology for transactions policyholders see on their invoices (Final Audit-Voluntary, Premium Report, Final Audit-Reconciliation, and Final Audit-Physical) to the online glossary.

If you have additional questions, please contact the SAIF service center or billing department.