New Preferred Worker Program rule changes

Changes affecting reimbursement of wages and premium exemption went into effect January 1.

posted January 18, 2017

2017 PWP rule changesSeveral rules affecting the governing of the Preferred Worker (PWP) and Employer at Injury (EAIP) programs have changed, effective January 1, 2017.

For employers, the most significant changes are in the requests for reimbursement of wages paid to injured workers in both PWP and EAIP, and in the way that premium exemption is administered in PWP.

Requests for wage reimbursement in both programs now must contain detailed information that was not previously required. SAIF's EAIP and PWP specialists will work with employers to ensure that this information is captured appropriately in each request.

Premium exemption in the PWP program will now be approved by WCD. (Previously, the insurer had authority to approve and apply premium exemption.) SAIF will continue to work with employers to guide them through the process and provide assistance when applying for PWP benefits with WCD.

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See details regarding all the changes made to PWP (Division 110) and EAIP (Division 105).

See the WCD bulletin regarding the new premium exemption approval process.


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