AGC retro checks to be mailed early August

Agencies with clients who participated will get an email with advance copies of the statements.

posted July 10, 2017

AGC retro checks mailing in August

The 2015–16 AGC/SAIF workers’ compensation group retrospective rating program was evaluated on July 1, 2017. Retro checks will be mailed to policyholders the week of August 7.

Agencies with AGC clients who participated in 2015–16 will receive an email with advance copies of the statements that will be mailed with the checks to policyholders.

Additionally, the 2017–18 AGC product information will be available on August 3.

To view the product information, please log into your SAIF Business Online account, then choose Competitive Resources, then AGC/SAIF Product.

View the AGC Group retrospective timeline.


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