Minimum hourly assumed wage change, part II

Reflecting Oregon’s new tiered wage, NCCI changed the rate from fixed to variable.

posted April 17, 2017

Minimum hourly assumed wage change, part II

In the last issue of Comp Quotes, we began a discussion of the impacts of the minimum hourly assumed wage change. This is part two.

Unpaid workers/volunteers
SAIF has made the following changes:

  • Incorporated reporting instructions in the volunteer endorsements
  • Incorporated reporting instructions in the class paragraph for those exposures that do not receive an endorsement
  • Added volunteer reporting instructions in the payroll report instruction's section
  • Appended all class descriptions starting with “VOL” on payroll reports with “see volunteer reporting instructions”

Endorsement and class paragraph reporting instructions contain similar language to the following payroll reporting instructions:

Volunteers: Report covered hourly volunteers using BOLI’s minimum hourly wage rate. Use the rates available January 1 of the calendar year in which your policy is effective.

This change will mostly effect municipalities that either have mandated coverage for unpaid workers or have elected to provide coverage for unpaid workers.


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