Three things every teen should know before starting a summer job

Limited experience and lack of training put young workers at higher risk for being hurt on the job. These simple tips can help keep them safe.

posted June 06, 2018

This time of year many Oregon teens and young adults are reaching an important milestone: their first job. But as they take on more independence and responsibility, they're also taking on risk.

In Oregon, workers between the ages of 15 and 25 have higher rates of workplace injuries than their older counterparts—and most injuries occur within the first 12 months on the job.

Whether you're an employer or a parent, talking with teens about their rights and responsibilities is critical. Here are three things everyone should know:

Keep an eye out for hazards.Keep an eye out for hazards. Don't assume the workspace has been cleared of hazards; something could have been missed. Be aware of unsafe conditions and actions.

Feel empowered to speak up.Feel empowered to speak up. Stop and alert a supervisor if a situation feels unsafe. Your employer is required to provide appropriate training and personal protective equipment. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need to work safely.

Watch award-winning student videos on the importance of speaking up.

Know your rights.Know your rights. Additional rules and regulations apply to young workers, including restrictions on hours and the type of work minors may perform. Learn about Oregon's child labor laws.

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