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Stay prepared and up to date with these reforestation safety resources.

Oregon OSHA

Heat illness
Oregon OSHA's permanent rule on heat illness prevention.

Wildfire smoke
Oregon OSHA's permanent rule on protection from wildfire smoke.

Associated Oregon Loggers

Find out more about AOL's safety and health program or check their calendar for upcoming meetings and events.

Featured video

How to use a chainsaw lafely

Whether you’re on the job or at home, felling timber or trimming branches, a chainsaw is a handy tool to get work done. Just be sure to follow these basic safety tips.

7 minutes

Safety trainings

Ladder safety: The belt buckle rule

Everybody uses ladders. Be safe. Keep your belt buckle (or belly button) between the side rails. 

1 minute

Logging safety fundamentals

Loggers are tough. But with challenging terrain, and unpredictable weather, being tough won't get them through the day. Being safe will. Here are the fundamentals to keep loggers safe from the dangers they encounter.

7 minutes

Heat illness prevention

Summers are getting hotter and longer. For people working in hot environments, the risks of heat illness are on the rise. This training provides an overview of what you need to know to protect yourself and others from heat illnesses.

Total Worker Health®

Including better overall health in your safety plan is the only way to have zero workplace injuries. This integrated safety approach is called Total Worker Health®.

2 minutes


Safety committees
An introduction to safety committees and safety meetings for anyone getting started in leadership. Also available in Spanish.

Mindful leadership
Leaders need to be able to consider solutions with full, complete, and nonjudgmental attention. Here are ways to practice mindfulness, so you are ready when you need to be.

Other ways to stay safe


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