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Delivery drivers | Couriers

Delivery drivers and couriers face high risks because they work in a variety of ever-changing environments, at a fast pace, and often on their own. These resources are designed to help busy business owners in this industry provide their employees with safety and health trainings and systems to help prevent injuries.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about accident/incident analysis. Start here:

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News reports of workplace violence incidents are on the rise. Delivery drivers can be targeted because of their vehicles, what they are delivering, or the perception that they might be carrying cash. There are strategies drivers can use to protect themselves from these incidents. Here’s a few guidelines to follow.

Delivery drivers already face many unique slip, trip, and fall hazards because their environment changes with every delivery. They also have high production demands and must make speedy deliveries even during winter weather conditions. Tips to keep you safe.

The risk-taking cycle is a helpful model to explain some injury events. The cycle can be broken when workers realize that the short-term gain is not worth the risk of injury. Find out more

Delivery drivers are lifting and carrying packages all day long. Leverage zones refers to where your elbows are when you are lifting and carrying loads.

Delivery drivers can get in and out of their vehicles several hundred times a day. Tips for safely entering and exiting your vehicle.

Delivery drivers often encounter animals while working, especially dogs. While many dogs may appear friendly, they can easily become aggressive in an instant. Tips to know how to respond quickly.

Fatigue is the overall feeling of being tired or lacking energy. Delivery drivers are at an increased risk for fatigue because they sometimes start very early in the morning, work long days that often include overtime, and perform very physical work in a fast-paced environment. Tips to identify and reduce fatigue.

Everyone knows that phone use while driving is a leading cause of traffic accidents and injuries,
but did you know that distracted walking also comes with its own set of hazards and risks?
Ways to avoid device-distracted accidents.

As temperatures rise, our bodies don’t have gauges to make sure we don’t overheat. For delivery drivers, the risk of heat illness is significant. Tips to prevent heat illness, recognize signs and symptoms of heat illness, and know what to do if they start to experience heat illness.

Delivery drivers lift and carry packages all day long. If they aren’t using proper techniques, lifting, and carrying even the lightest package can cause an injury. Tips for safe lifting.

Delivery drivers take thousands of steps every day. That’s why it’s critical to wear and maintain proper footwear. Footwear facts to keep you safe.

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