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Resources for dealing with radiation and radon in the workplace.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about radiation and radon, including:

Fact Sheet: 

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in curing operations (SAIF)
This bulletin provides an overview of UV radiation in curing operations and provides suggestions to control its hazards.

Radiation protection in health care and other industries (SAIF)
An overview of control measures and rules for the safe use of ionizing radiation in the workplace.

Radiation and your health (CDC)
This webpage provides an overview of the different kinds of radiation and how they can impact your health.

Radiation protection (EPA)
Website with 13 subtopics, plus info on programs and environmental monitoring.

Radiation protection services (Oregon Health Authority)
Info on the services provided by this department, including protection, licensing, monitoring, and emergency response.

Non-ionizing radiation (OSHA)
Federal OSHA describes the forms of non-ionizing radiation on this health topic page.

Radon (Environmental Protection Agency)
Get information on the naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause cancer.