Biological and physical

Resources for dealing with anthrax, bloodborne pathogens, mold, and radiation in the workplace

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about biological and physical hazards, including:

Fact sheets:



Anthrax quick facts (OSHA)
This information page includes quick facts about anthrax, including symptoms, hazard recognition, and prevention.

Antrax emergency preparedness and response (NIH) 
CDC's well-organized microsite on anthrax.

Bloodborne pathogens

Annual assessment of safer sharps devices and work practice 
Review cycle one-page handout.

Annual assessment of safer sharps devices and work practices 
Review cycle Poster.

Waste hazards around your business 
A guide that offers guidance on the safe removal of waste and garbage on your business property.

Bloodborne infectious diseases HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B virus, and hepatitis C virus (NIOSH)
Thorough website with nine subtopic sections.

Bloodborne pathogens and needlestick prevention (OSHA) 
Web page including guidance, enforcement, hazard recognition, and evaluation and controls.


Critical steps for flooding in the workplace
A bulletin with guidance on how to manage a flood in the workplace as well as information on recovering safely. 

Flood response resources (AIHA) 
Home and building owners will find general guidance for staying safe and cleaning up after a flood.

Mold Quick card (OSHA) [Spanish]
Easy-to-read two-page guide with recommendations for general clean-up and specific remediation of mold infestations.