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Reporting and recordkeeping

Some health and safety rules require written documents, such as plans, procedures, and programs. Browse these resources to learn more about what is required.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about safety recordkeeping and other regulatory requirements. Start here:

Online Trainings

Recording a workplace injury

This online training includes an overview of reporting and recording workplace injuries and instructions for completing the OSHA 300 log and 300A summary.

9 minutes


Reporting and recording workplace injuries: what you need to know
Complete overview on what you need to do to report and record all workplace injuries, including dates to remember.

What to do following a severe or fatal workplace injury
Seek immediate medical attention and follow these simple steps.

Checklist for what to do following a serious/catastrophic event or fatality accident
A detailed list of actions to complete after a severe injury or fatality.

What to expect from an Oregon OSHA compliance inspection [Spanish]
A brief outline of your rights and obligations including the reports and records OR-OSHA will request to see.

Notices and posters you are required to display at each worksite (BOLI)
Posting requirements for employers.