Video: Building core stability and muscle symmetry

Regularly doing the series of simple exercises in SAIF’s new video can help protect you and your employees from injury.

posted March 04, 2016

We know that sedentary work can be bad for our health. But it's also true that workers in active jobs like firefighting and logging are at risk for injury.

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Even though fairly fit, they can have poor motor control, little endurance, and muscle asymmetries that, when combined with other risk factors (awkward postures, repetitive activities, and heavy lifting), increase their risk of being hurt on the job.

That is why we have created a video demonstrating a series of simple exercises that can help increase mobility, muscle symmetry, stability, and coordination.

A part of our emphasis on Total Worker Health® and functional fitness, this video helps train the body to safely handle real-life situations at work or home. General fitness is important in preventing injuries, especially low back injury, and, if a worker is injured, his or her fitness level can impact healing and return to work.

We encourage you to watch the video, show it to your employees, and set aside a few minutes a day to help increase their fitness and their safety. You can download a poster that includes all seven exercises.

To learn more about working comfortably and safely, visit the ergonomics page on our safety and health site.

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