Approved for funding from the coronavirus worker safety fund?

Here are six ways you can use it.

posted May 09, 2020

Approved for funding from the coronavirus worker safety fund, but can't find the items you wanted? You can use it on any eligible expenses. Those expenses include coronavirus-related:

  • Safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce exposure and transmission
  • Cleaning services and supplies for disinfection 
  • Worksite redesign or modification to respond to transmission risk 
  • Employee clinic modification or staffing for virus-related treatment 
  • Mental health and wellness initiatives for concerns linked to the crisis 
  • Coronavirus and job reassignment safety training and communication  

Ineligible expenses include telecommuting and regular staffing expenses, including labor costs for employees reassigned to new positions.  

If you've ordered an item but are concerned you won't receive it within the deadline for receipts, know that SAIF will accept a copy of a document that shows an order has been placed.  

The coronavirus worker safety fund is no longer accepting applications, but please check out this guide for additional resources if you're a small business. 


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