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Ergopoint® by Humantech

A total online solution for a healthy and productive workplace.

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What's in Ergopoint®?

Ergopoint is a cloud based office ergonomic assessment tool that empowers your people to make instant ergonomic improvements to their workplace. 

Ergopoint does the following:

  • Speeds up the assessment process, provides employees with instant feedback on how they can set up their workstations 
  • Helps you manage when, where, and even if equipment is needed 
  • Provides data to help you manage office issues
  • Improves the office ergonomic consulting process when a deeper level of consultation is needed

Launch, manage, and sustain an ergonomics process on your own

Ergopoint works on all major browsers and modern devices. No software to install, nothing to download. Easy!


Learn how Ergopoint® can work for you. Contact our safety team at ergopoint@saif.com or call 503.373.8100

For more on this topic, visit saif.com/ergo.