Don't let winter slip up on you

Take steps now to prevent cold-weather injuries.

posted November 15, 2017

Crisp fall days are a good reminder that wicked weather may be right around the corner. Don’t wait for the next winter storm to get prepared.

Last winter, more than 1,400 SAIF-insured workers were injured from slips and falls on snow and ice, more than any year in recent memory. Early forecasts predict similar snow and ice this winter.

Here are five things you can do right now to safeguard your workplace against cold-weather hazards:


Check last year’s incident reports
to see where most slipping accidents occurred and take measures to eliminate hazards. Pay special attention to shaded walkways and other areas where precipitation may blow in or transparent "black ice" may form.


Ensure lighting is adequate 
on stairwells, parking lots, and other exposed walkways.

Plan ahead
to have ice-melt granules distributed to hazard-prone areas. To learn more, read the Consumer Reports guide, including “5 steps for better deicing.”

If your organization allows telecommuting, encourage staff to work from home when extreme conditions are expected.

Raise awareness 
about the importance of proper footwear and safe winter walking. Consider making foot/heel traction devices available to staff who work in snow and ice. Watch this SAIF video to learn how to walk like a penguin.

Want to learn more?

Download free posters and find other resources to prevent slips, trips, and falls in all kinds of weather and workplace conditions.

Download free posters and other resources

Get OSHA advice for winter driving, snow removal, and working near downed power lines.

Prepare for extreme weather and other natural hazards in Oregon.


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