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Parent tips: Keeping young workers safe

Take this opportunity to talk to your teen about workplace safety.

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Getting a first job is an important milestone and can be very rewarding. It may also expose a young worker to job hazards. In fact, young workers are far more likely than adults to be injured at work. As a parent, you can help prevent these injuries by talking to your son or daughter about workplace safety.

Before your teen starts work

  • Encourage them to ask questions about safety during job interviews such as:

“What health and safety orientation or training will I get before I begin work?”

“Will I need safety gear?”

  • Know the labor laws that apply to your child. Are there age restrictions?
  • Remind your teen that injuries can have life-changing consequences. One poor judgment call can have a lasting impact.

After your teen starts work

  • Remind them of their right to safety training, information about safe working, and their right to refuse unsafe work.
  • Help your teen feel comfortable about asking questions at work.
  • Talk to your teen about the dangers of working while tired, under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs, and texting while driving or working around equipment.
  • Watch for signs of concern. Is your child’s performance at school changing? Is there an increase in stress and fatigue? Are there signs of anxiety or depression?

Online resources

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