On Valentine’s Day, connect with your co-workers

Use these 5 tips to deal with stress and mental health issues caused by COVID-related isolation.

Valentine' Day banner

Beyond the flowers, candy, and cards, a celebration of connection with others lies at the heart of Valentine’s Day. 

COVID has increased the distance between us — physically and psychologically. Such isolation and loneliness can have a negative effect on our stress levels and mental health. It can affect workers’ morale, attention to safety, and productivity. 

Use these simple tips to strengthen your relationships and sense of connection. 

  • Use your phone to take a virtual walk and talk with co-workers. You get exercise and a sense of closeness. 
  • Include fun activities in virtual or physical team meetings, such as asking a question of the day or playing a trivia game. Humor is a great way to get to know your co-workers better and lighten the mood.  
  • Send virtual cards of encouragement and support to other workers. Showing your appreciation can lift their spirits. 
  • Emphasize health and safety protocols for employees working together physically. Knowing you’ve got their back can make them feel cared for and safe. 
  • Give grace to others with different opinions and experiences. Building a culture that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion helps people feel supported and respected. 

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