How safe is your home office?

Find five tips for telecommuting safely.

posted March 10, 2017

Organize Your Home Office Day. Reminding telecommuting employees about workspace safety and ergonomics

For many Oregon businesses, telecommuting can be a win-win. Workers often report better work-life balance and employers report increased productivity and cost savings.

But what if an employee is injured while working at home? Are they covered by workers’ comp? Often, the answer is yes.

Organize Your Home Office Day (March 14) is a good time to remind telecommuting employees about workspace safety and ergonomics. Here are some tips:

  • Choose a fully adjustable chair. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your upper legs horizontal to the floor. Make sure your chair supports the curve of your lower back, and use a lumbar support or pillow if needed.
  • Adjust your monitor. The screen should be at about arm’s length away, with the top third at eye level. Try using books or reams of paper to bring your monitor to the best viewing height. (Watch this video for more inexpensive ideas for setting up your home office.)
  • If you use a laptop as your primary work computer, consider adding a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • Provide adequate lighting. Warm ambient lighting is good for computer work; cool task lighting is ideal for reading and writing on paper.
  • Get up and move. You may tend to lose track of time and sit for too long, so schedule breaks to walk, stretch, and spend time away from your computer.
  • Clear the clutter. Make sure your workspace is free of tripping hazards. Secure cords and remove any obstacles from walkways.

To learn more about how to work comfortably and safely—at home or at the office—check out


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