Crave-worthy wellness posters: Collect all six

Finally! A cure for boring bulletin boards and breakrooms

posted June 28, 2018

Healthy workers are safer workers.

That’s the idea (and science) behind Total Worker Health®, a strategy to prevent injuries by improving overall well-being.

Supporting healthy habits—at work and at home—is a great way to get started. Whether it’s choosing fruit instead of sugary snacks, taking a yoga break instead of a coffee run, or wearing the right safety gear.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder.

That’s where SAIF’s new posters can help. Colorful and eye-catching, each offers a different healthy message designed to support your workplace wellness goals. Hang ‘em on your bulletin board, in your breakroom, or on your refrigerator at home.

Healthy is the new safe poster series

Download all six today! Coming soon in Spanish!

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