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Get a job, work safe

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Workers between the ages of 15 and 25 are twice as likely to get hurt on the job than older workers. Most of these injuries happen in the first year of employment. Although a new job is exciting, it can be dangerous from the moment you start. Consider these five tips to avoid getting injured while working.

Get safety training

As an employee, it’s important you receive safety training on all tasks you perform at work. All jobs have unique risks that need to be learned early. For general safety awareness, visit Oregon OSHA’s OYES online training.

Speak up

It’s important to report unsafe situations and injuries right away. You are empowered as a young worker to ask questions and communicate concerns to your supervisor at any point. Don’t be afraid to speak up. It may prevent you or someone else from being hurt later.

Use the correct personal protective equipment

Gloves, safety boots, and goggles may not be trendy, but if the job requires it, you’ve got to wear it for your safety. Take the time to learn all personal protective equipment (PPE) safety features and make sure that it fits properly to avoid injuries.

Take your time

Efficiency is great, but not at the risk of your safety and health. Take your time and do the job fully and correctly. There is no need for shortcuts.

Know your rights

    Young workers have unique labor laws and rights to ensure safety. Oregon's BOLI provides a full summary of child labor laws, including hourly limits for teenagers, minimum wage requirements, and more.

    Teen workplace safety resources

    For more on this topic, visit saif.com/youngworkers.