When ignoring work calls could save your life

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of worker fatalities. Setting clear expectations about distracted driving and cell phone use can help.

posted April 06, 2018

Oregon law is clear: Drivers are not allowed to hold or use a cell phone while operating a vehicle. (Hands-free is allowed if you’re 18 or older, though it's not recommended.)

But what if it’s the boss calling? Or you’re running late for a client appointment? Do your employees know your expectations around responding to work calls, texts, and emails while driving? And what kind of example are you setting?

Arrive safelyDuring Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, SAIF encourages employers to create or update a safe driving policy that covers cell phone use. You can find helpful resources at

Also, make plans to celebrate safe drivers at your workplace. Download a certificate.

Remember, whether you’re driving for work or on your way home, nothing is more important than arriving safely.


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