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Chainsaws, rollercoasters, and potatoes: Explore these odd jobs

New video series explores interesting jobs and how workers stay safe

Oregon odd jobs

We're traveling the state to learn more about the weird and wonderful jobs Oregonians undertake every day. We'll find out what they do and how they stay safe. Join us for Oregon Odd Jobs, premiering in January 2023.

2 minutes

Have you ever wondered how to clean a shark tank without getting eaten? How do artists stay safe around molten glass and furnaces? Or just wanted to see a guy stick his hand inside a cow’s stomach? Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

SAIF has partnered with workplaces across the state to bring you a new YouTube series, Oregon Odd Jobs. We’re showcasing strange, dangerous, and amazing Oregon jobs that are as unique and diverse as the people who live here. Join us for each episode as we focus on how these jobs are done, and how employees stay safe doing them. 

“While safety is everyone's responsibility, we all go about it differently depending on the job we do,” says SAIF safety consultant Dawn Jacobs. “Oregon Odd Jobs highlights the weird and wonderful while giving us a look at how Oregonians stay safe.”

Among other things, you will learn how these businesses find safety success as they combat complacency, stay alert to the hazards in their surroundings, keep up with safety innovations, and put safety redundancies in place. 

Season 1 currently includes seven episodes. Follow our host, Corey Jenkins, as he tries his hand at creating heirloom-quality leather goods, creating blown-glass floats, and inspecting roller coasters. In the coming weeks you’ll learn even more about the amazing work of your fellow Oregonians, as Corey tackles jobs like t-shirt screen printing, caring for young lambs, and more.

Be sure to subscribe to SAIF’s YouTube page so you don’t miss a single episode. While you’re there, feel free to check out some of our other safety-related videos.

You might just find some tips to make your own odd job safer.