Public records request

As a not-for-profit, state-chartered corporation, SAIF is committed to the principles of openness, transparency, and accountability.

Procedures for requesting SAIF public records

1. A person requesting to inspect or copy any SAIF corporate records that are subject to public inspection may do so by making a request in writing. The request shall state the type of records the requester wishes to inspect or to be copied. The request shall be directed to SAIF Records Compliance Officer, SAIF Corporation, 400 High Street SE, Salem, OR 97312. The request also can be sent via email to Holly O'Dell at SAIF will acknowledge the request in writing.

2. SAIF’s acknowledgement will include the date and time for the inspection of records or the date that the requester may expect to receive the records. The acknowledgment will also include the estimated cost of the inspection or copying. 

3. If the details of the request are unclear, SAIF’s Records Compliance Officer (SRCO) will contact the requester for clarification.

4. If the requestor merely wishes to inspect the requested records, the records will be made available during SAIF’s regular business hours, at the SAIF office where the records are located, and upon a mutually agreed reasonable time. SAIF may charge a fee for that inspection based upon the time expended by staff. 

5. The fees for copying records are:

  • $.25 per page for the first 20 pages and $.15 per page thereafter (or the actual costs of copying if an outside facility or contractor is required
  • actual postage costs
  • $1 per page for in-state faxes; $5 for the first page of out-of-state faxes and $1 per page thereafter; maximum limit of 30 pages
  • diskettes, 5- 1/4" or 3- 1/2": $1/ea
  • CDs, $1/ea
  • DVDs, $1/ea
  • video cassettes, 2 hours: $6/ea
  • audio cassettes: $2/ea

6. Any records request that takes 10 minutes or less will incur no charge for staff time. Any time spent beyond 10 minutes will be charged at the hourly rate of the position of the staff member who responds to the request 

7. The person requesting the records may request that the fee be reduced or waived. That request shall be made in writing to the SRCO. The requester will specify the public interest that would be served by reducing or waiving the fee. The SRCO will apply the standard of ORS 192.440(4) in determining whether the fee should be reduced or waived.