Health care

Tools to help keep health care workers safe.

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about health care safety.

General health care worker safety

Hazard review: Occupational hazards in home health care (NIOSH) 
A series of Fast Facts cards designed to help home healthcare workers avoid hazardous exposures and prevent injuries and illnesses. 

Health care workers (NIOSH)
This website covers a wide range of health care safety-related topics including: general resources, biological hazards and controls, chemical hazards, home health care, physical hazards and controls, slips, tips, and falls, violence, and more.

Hospital hazards by work area eTool (OSHA)

Worker safety in hospitals (OSHA) 
Resources to assist you in assessing workplace safety needs, implementing safety and health management systems, and enhancing your safe patient handling programs.

Infection prevention and bloodborne pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens resources can be found on our Biological and physical hazards page.

Hand hygiene in healthcare settings (CDC)
Protect yourself and your patients from deadly germs. Online training and other resources explain how and why hand washing is important.

Radiation safety

Radiation protection in health care [PDF] 
An overview of some of the control measures and rules for the safe use of ionizing radiation.

Radiation safety poster (ORSIF) [PDF]
This infographic poster describes the impact of radiation in health care settings and provides a guide for limiting exposure.

Safe patient handling / health care ergonomics

Safe patient handling and mobility process steps [PDF]
Prevent painful and costly injuries by following the eight-step process described in this handout. 

Curricular materials: Safe patient handling training for schools of nursing (NIOSH) [PDF]
A tool kit for the safe patient handling and movement training program.

Ergonomics in a healthcare setting eTool (OSHA)

Safe patient handling: preventing musculoskeletal disorders in nursing homes (OSHA) [PDF]
This brochure provides recommendations for employers.

Guidelines for nursing homes: Ergonomics for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (OSHA) [PDF]
Recommendations to help nursing home employers reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Workplace violence in health care

Workplace violence prevention for nurses online training (CDC)

Workplace violence in hospitals (OSHA)
The rate of violent incidents is four times greater in healthcare than in private industry on average. Find resources to help build and implement a comprehensive workplace violence program in your healthcare facility. 

Video library

DVD (no streaming available)

  • Respirators: your TB defense and TB respiratory protection: administrator's review | OCCUPAT-01
    16 minutes | This program is designed to educate health care workers on proper resp … Read more
  • Bloodborne pathogens (Safety in 8) | OCCUPAT-09 (English/Spanish)
    8 minutes | General overview of what a bloodborne pathogen is, how to protect ours … Read more
  • Combative residents mirror their reality | GENSAFE-28 (English/Spanish)
    23 minutes | Discusses how the health care worker can deal with the challenges of c … Read more
  • Home healthcare safety orientation | GENSAFE-13 (English/Spanish/French/Portuguese)
    15 minutes | This important program helps you recognize the potential dangers of wo … Read more
  • Latex allergy: stop the reaction | OCCUPAT-18 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    22 minutes | For the health care industry | Excellent "awareness" video discussing … Read more
  • Needlestick prevention: stick to safety | OCCUPAT-15 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    11 minutes | Protect yourself and your staff from dangerous exposure to blookbourne … Read more
  • Personal safety for the home health caregivers | GENSAFE-56 (English/Spanish/Portuguese)
    15 minutes | Physical violence, verbal abuse, or sexual abuse are dangerous possibi … Read more
  • Personal protective equipment: awareness and attitude | PPE-05
    | This video contains a clear, concise overview of various types of PPE, … Read more
  • BBP for hospitality | OCCUPAT-12
    8 minutes | This video meets the training requirements for employees working in se … Read more


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