Home Builders Association (HBA)

OGSERP discount: 3 percent for 7/1/2021 - 6/30/2022

Website: http://oregonhba.com (for dues and membership information)

Robirda Lee
Workers' Comp Manager

6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY,  Suite 200
Portland, OR 97221-4230
P: 971.224.1935
F: 866.681.1822 

Industry–specific safety and health and return-to-work services are provided for the SAIF/Homebuilders Program by Robirda Lee, HUB Insurance. She can assist you in your efforts to reduce injuries and the associated costs. Her contact information is listed above.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must have an annual manual premium equal to, or greater than, $2,500 
  • Be a member in good standing of the association (dues paid current) 
  • Earned or unearned experience rating 1.00 or less
  • Group history period* incurred to manual loss ratio less than 40 percent 
  • Group history period frequency of business operations less than SAIF average
    frequency for the principal class for accounts newly enrolling in the group**
  • Group history period frequency of business operations less than 1.5 times
    the SAIF average frequency for the principal class for current group members
    renewing in the group**
  • Underwriters have judgment authority for approving group pricing.

* Group history period includes policy periods incepting within 57 months prior to the effective date of the policy year being priced and must include a minimum of 34 months of history.
** SAIF calculates an average expected claim frequency (per $100 payroll) for each class effective January 1 each year using the expected frequency for the year that corresponds to the effective date of the policy year being priced.

Principal class codes

0042 Landscape Gardening & Driver
1803 *09 Stone Cutting/Polishing
2797 Mfg/Mdulr/Prfb Bldg-Shp-Al Ops
2799 Mfd/Modular Building Install
2802 Carpentry Shop
2883*16 Furniture Mfg & Cabinet
3724 Overhead Door Inst
5102 Door/Window Installation
5020 Ceil Instl-Acoustical-Susp-Grid Typ
5022 Fireplace Const
5183 Plumbing
5188 Automatic Sprinkler Inst Driver
5190 Electrical Wiring
5213 Concrete Const/NOC
5215 Concrete Work/Private Residence
5221 Concrete Flatwork
5223 Swimming Pool Construction
5348 Tile/Stone/Mosaic/Terrazzo
5403 Carpentry/Industrial
5437 Carpentry/Finish Cabinetry
5445 Drywall Installation
5462 Glazier-Away from Shop Driver
5474 Painting
5478 Carpet/Floor Layers
5479 Insulation Work NOC 
5506 Asphalt Laying on Const
5507 Street/Rd Const
5535 Sheet Metal Work5537 AC/Heat/Refer  
5551 Roofing -all types
Any account with a principal class of 5551 requires a prequote
inspection by the designated HBA loss control consultant.
5480 Plastering NOC & Dr
5606 Contractor-Exec Sup
5610 Cleaner Const/Erect Debris
5645 Carpentry/1-2 Story
6204 Drilling 
6217 Excavation NOC Dr
6229 *03 Septic Tank Installation
6306 Sewer Const-All OPS and D
6325*3 Conduct Constru-For Cable or Wire-Dr 
6400 Fence Installation and Repair 
7605 Burglar/Fire
8017*45 Paint/Wallpaper Store 
8017*23 Floor Cover-Carpet/Rug Retl Store
8058 Building Material Dealers
8111*03 Plumbers Supply Dealer
8227 Contractors Yard
8232 Building Material Dealer
8601 Surveyor -Architect
8742 Estimator/Outside Sales
9014 Buildings-Operation By Contractors & Drivers
9102 (1 & 2) Park Maintenance
9519 Appliance-House Electrical Install
9516 Electronic Equipment Install/Repair
9521 Carpet Installation
9534 Crane Operations

* Account must have one of the following principal classes or have 50 percent of payroll in the following eligible classes.