Home Builders Association (HBA)

OGSERP discount: 6 percent for 7/1/2017 - 6/30/2018
Website:  (for dues and membership information)

Robirda Lee, Workers' Comp Manager
Doug Pettyjohn, Safety Management Consultant
16555 SW Boones Ferry Road, Suite
200, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
P: 971.224.1935  F: 866.681.1822 

Industry–specific loss control and return-to-work services are provided for the SAIF/Homebuilders Program by Doug Pettyjohn and Robirda Lee, HUB Insurance. They can assist you in your efforts to reduce injuries and the associated costs. Their contact information is listed above.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must have an annual manual premium equal to, or greater than, $2,500 
  • Be a member in good standing of the association (dues paid current) 
  • Earned or unearned experience rating 1.00 or less
  • Group history period* incurred to manual loss ratio less than 40 percent 
  • Group history period frequency of business operations less than SAIF average
    frequency for the principal class for accounts newly enrolling in the group**
  • Group history period frequency of business operations less than 1.5 times
    the SAIF average frequency for the principal class for current group members
    renewing in the group**
  • Underwriters have judgment authority for approving group pricing.

* Group history period includes policy periods incepting within 57 months prior to the effective date of the policy year being priced and must include a minimum of 34 months of history.
** SAIF calculates an average expected claim frequency (per $100 payroll) for each class effective January 1 each year using the expected frequency for the year that corresponds to the effective date of the policy year being priced.

* Principal class codes

0042 Landscape Gardening & Driver
1803 *09 Stone Cutting/Polishing
2797 Mfg/Mdulr/Prfb Bldg-Shp-Al Ops
2799 Mfd/Modular Building Install
2802 Carpentry Shop
2883*16 Furniture Mfg & Cabinet
3724 Overhead Door Inst
5102 Door/Window Installation
5020 Ceil Instl-Acoustical-Susp-Grid Typ
5022 Fireplace Const
5183 Plumbing
5188 Automatic Sprinkler Inst Driver
5190 Electrical Wiring
5213 Concrete Const/NOC
5215 Concrete Work/Private Residence
5221 Concrete Flatwork
5223 Swimming Pool Construction
5348 Tile/Stone/Mosaic/Terrazzo
5403 Carpentry/Industrial
5437 Carpentry/Finish Cabinetry
5445 Drywall Installation
5462 Glazier-Away from Shop Driver
5474 Painting
5478 Carpet/Floor Layers
5479 Insulation Work NOC 
5506 Asphalt Laying on Const
5507 Street/Rd Const
5535 Sheet Metal Work5537 AC/Heat/Refer  
5551 Roofing -all types
Any account with a principal class of 5551 requires a prequote
inspection by the designated HBA loss control consultant.
5480 Plastering NOC & Dr
5606 Contractor-Exec Sup
5610 Cleaner Const/Erect Debris
5645 Carpentry/1-2 Story
6204 Drilling 
6217 Excavation NOC Dr
6306 Sewer Const-All OPS and D
6325*3 Conduct Constru-For Cable or Wire-Dr 
6400 Fence Installation and Repair 
7605 Burglar/Fire
8017*45 Paint/Wallpaper Store 
8017*23 Floor Cover-Carpet/Rug Retl Store
8058 Building Material Dealers
8111*03 Plumbers Supply Dealer
8227 Contractors Yard
8232 Building Material Dealer
8601 Surveyor -Architect
8742 Estimator/Outside Sales
9014 Buildings-Operation By Contractors & Drivers
9102 (1 & 2) Park Maintenance
9519 Appliance-House Electrical Install
9516 Electronic Equipment Install/Repair
9521 Carpet Installation
9534 Crane Operations

* Account must have one of the following principal classes or have 50 percent of payroll in the following eligible classes.