Safety resources for those who spend time on the job behind the wheel

3 is key: Safe entry and exit  

This short video includes best practices for safely entering and exiting large vehicles. (1:22)  

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Supporting materials:

3 is key handout (Spanish) [PDF]
3 is key poster (Spanish) [PDF]

Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about transportation safety, including:

StriveSafe fleet management tool
SAIF has partnered with StriveSafe to offer a discount to policyholders for their fleet telematics product, which includes real-time tracking for fleets of any size. [More information]

Ergonomics best practices for auto and truck repair [PDF]
This one-page hand-out provides information on how mechanics can work comfortably and safely.

Fatigue is a contributing factor to injuries in transportation.
Find more information on our fatigue, sleep, and shiftwork page.

Safe driving handout [PDF] 
A quick one-page handout of safe driving tips with how management can support safe driving. [Spanish]

Flatbed tarping best practices [PDF] 
A one-page, easy-to-read fact sheet.

Winter driving best practices [PDF]
A one-page, easy-to-read fact sheet.

Stretches for the professional truck driver [PDF]
This poster briefly explains and illustrates simple stretches. [Spanish]

Video training | Ergonomics for truckers (WorkSafeBC)

The trucking injury reduction emphasis project (TIRES)
Dedicated to the trucking industry, this website has training materials, interactive tools, and more to raise awareness and prevent injuries. 

Distracted driving (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
Find short videos, posters, and other tools (in both English and Spanish) designed to stop distracted driving in the U.S.

Preventing work-related motor vehicle crashes (CDC) [PDF]
This fact sheet recommends ways employers can keep workers safe when driving or riding in a motor vehicle on the job. It ends with a checklist that employers can use to implement the recommendations.

Motor vehicle safety (NIOSH)
Visit the NIOSH website for crash data, motor vehicle safety publications, a list of upcoming events, and additional resources

Older drivers in the workplace: how employers and workers can prevent crashes (NIOSH)
Action steps and resources to help your co-workers and your employees continue driving safely.

Oregon DMV record inquiry accounts (ODOT/DMV)
You may qualify to receive employment driving records.


Video library
Trucking safety best practices

This comprehensive series is designed to prevent the most common injuries to truckers. The segments include helpful instructions on strap tossing, flatbed tarping, driving in hazardous weather, and proper stretching both at home and on the road.

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Supporting materials: Flatbed tarping best practices | Winter driving best practices | Stretches for the professional truck driver [PDF]

Play individual segments 

 Bolo method (1:30)

 Flatbed tarping (14:00)

 Winter driving (15:30)

 Cab stretching (10:30)

 Benefits of stretching (31:00)

3 is key: Safe entry and exit

This short video includes best practices for safely entering and exiting large vehicles.

[Play English] [Play Spanish]

Supporting materials:

3 is key handout (Spanish) [PDF]
3 is key poster (Spanish) [PDF]

DVD (no streaming available)

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