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Browse these resources to keep workers safe in retail and warehouse environments.


There's more information about retail employees on the young workers page and on the forklifts (powered industrial trucks) page.

Boxcutter safety pointers (Spanish)
Handy poster for safely using boxcutters.

Grocery warehousing etool (OSHA)
This site describes common ergonomics hazards and solutions in grocery warehouses.

Guidelines on ergonomics for retail grocery stores (OSHA)
Addresses ergonomics issues in all retail grocery departments.

Warehousing pocket guide (OSHA)
Guide that includes checklists and successful hazard solutions.

Operating the forklift: traveling and maneuvering (OSHA)
Site featuring forklift safety tips for operators.

Crowd management safety guidelines (OSHA) 
Handout for managing large groups during special shopping events. 

Retail and wholesale topic page (WorkSafeBC)
Page with numerous resources for retail and warehouse safety, including lifting/handling, violence, working alone, forklifts, and ladders.

Workplace violence prevention for late-night retail (OSHA)
Guide including best practices for a workplace violence prevention program, sample incident report, and checklist.

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