Find information on logging safety and regulations, including accident prevention, tree falling, and chainsaw safety.

Logging Safety
Loggers are tough. But being tough won't get them through the day. Being safe will.

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Oregon OSHA

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about logging safety and regulations. Start here:


How to use a chainsaw safely
Whether you’re on the job or at home, felling timber or trimming branches, a chainsaw is a handy tool to get work done. Just be sure to follow these basic safety tips.
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Logging safety awarenes video (WorkSafeBC)
This video features the day-to-day elements of on-the-job safety, including safe work procedures, communications, and emergencies.

Logging safety (Associated Oregon Loggers)
Find links to agencies and organizations that support safe, healthy, and fair field work operations for forest workers all across Oregon.

Fallers logging safety (Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation) [PDF]
This manual includes stories of fatal incidents involving tree fallers in Oregon, and provides a five-step Faller Safety Plan for training new and experienced fallers.

Logging Safety eTool (OSHA)
This eTool outlines the required and recommended work practices that may reduce logging hazards.

Log truck driver safety videos [Washington L&I]
This video series on log truck driving safety was developed with a grant from Washington L&I and features information on fatigue, driving, loading/unloading, and other topics.


Video library
How to use a chainsaw safely

From sizing up the job to preventing kickback, this video covers the basics of chainsaw safety both on and off the job.

For more information, go to: Logging safety

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Logging Safety

Loggers are tough. But being tough won't get them through the day. Being safe will.

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