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Janitorial and Housekeeping

Maintenance safety is focused primarily on workers in the housekeeping, custodial, and janitorial fields.


Workplace housekeeping inspections (Canadian Centre for Occ. Health & Safety)
Simple checklists for seven housekeeping topics.

Housekeepers: practices to improve health and safety using ergonomics (OSHA)
This two-page illustrated guide provides tips for safely performing duties, including moving carts, making beds, and cleaning bathrooms.

Info sheet | Protecting workers who use cleaning chemicals (OSHA/NIOSH)
Practices to help keep workers safe when working with cleaning chemicals, including green cleaning products.

Janitorial safety training program (California Dept. of Industrial Relations)
Download training materials designed for small business owners and managers with janitorial employees who work alone or in small teams. Available in English and Spanish.

Janitorial and housekeeping (Washington State Department of Labor & Industries)
Videos, training materials, and publications on hazards specific to janitorial and housekeeping duties.

Safety Sweep: An Employer’s Guide to Preventing Injuries to Room Attendants (WorkSafeBC)

Safe work practices for custodians (WorkSafeBC)
This interactive guide covers safe work practices for workplace cleaning tasks.

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