Forklifts (powered industrial trucks)

There are many hazards associated with lifting and moving heavy equipment and materials.

Oregon OSHA

Powered industrial trucks - forklifts (OSHA)
This page is an overview of hazards and solutions specific to lift trucks and includes sample checklists.  

Powered industrial trucks (forklifts) eTool (OSHA)
This electronic tool is a training resource for powered industrial trucks that provides general information to accompany a powered industrial truck operator program.  

Field of vision video series (WorkSafe BC)
This series of five short videos provides information on protecting pedestrians from powered industrial trucks incidents.

Video library

DVD (no streaming available)

  • Coaching the lift truck operator 2 | VEHICLE-38 (English) VEHICLE-39 (Spanish)
    | The program is designed for classroom presentation and hands-on traini … Read more
  • Forklift hazard: perception challenge | VEHICLE-35
    50 minutes | Performance-based training puts your forklift operators face-to-face w … Read more
  • Forklift load capacity | VEHICLE-15
    5 minutes | Demonstrates important driving procedures for proper load balance and … Read more
  • Forklift operations: carry the load | VEHICLE-13 (English/Spanish/Portuguese/French)
    20 minutes | Every forklift, every situation, and every load is different, and the … Read more
  • Forklift pre-op inspection | VEHICLE-16
    5 minutes | Help prevent damage to equipment with this live action program. Preope … Read more
  • Forklift safe driving | VEHICLE-17
    5 minutes | This program motivates veteran drivers and new recruits to use safe dr … Read more
  • Forklift walk-behinds | VEHICLE-18
    5 minutes | Live action program looks at the fundamentals necessary for the safe o … Read more
  • Forklifts and pedestrians | VEHICLE-19
    5 minutes | Excellent training for all employees who work in and around forklift a … Read more
  • The forklift workshop | VEHICLE-32
    35 minutes | The forklift workshop helps you train all forklift operators on essent … Read more
  • The forklift workshop (Spanish) | VEHICLE-33
    35 minutes | The forklift workshop helps you train all forklift operators on essent … Read more
  • Forklift Safety: Safe in 8 | VEHICLE-11 (English/Spanish, Portuguese)
    8 minutes | Driving a forklift is not like driving a car. Give your employees a qu … Read more


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