These resources are designed for the unique set of safety challenges that school employees face.


COVID-19 school safety: Resources for re-opening schools          
The best resources for re-opening schools, curated by SAIF's safety team. 

Preventing infectious disease in schools: Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces
This handout provides ideas for reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission through surface contact and includes links to helpful resources.

General safety in the Special education classroom
This handout addresses general safety in the special education classroom.

Strategies for safety in special education
This resource discusses proactive management strategies for safety in special education.

School district employee safety management assessment
Created to provide school districts with best practices for the prevention of employee injuries.

Safety for schools: Short discussion guides

Designed to help school administrators lead a short training and discussion with teaching staff.
Individual discussion guides:

Entire guide of short trainings and discussions.

Safety Talk: Stop falls before they stop you (ESD 112)
Tips for preventing slips, trips, and falls in 14 situations, plus access to more safety tools in "Archives by Topic."

Creating healthy workplaces for all staff (OEA Choice Trust)

A clean sweep: Safe work practices for custodians (BCSSA/WorkSafeBC)
Illustrated guides on 27 common tasks for custodians.

Healthy school environments (EPA)
Resources to establish, maintain or enhance a school environmental health program.

Indoor air quality: Tools for schools program (EPA)
Interactive tools to develop your own indoor air quality program.

Reducing the risk of injury to child care workers (WorkSafeBC)
A collection of information sheets covering many common child care tasks that includes tips for preventing musculoskeletal disorders.