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Find information on agricultural safety and regulations, including pesticides, farm vehicles, seasonal workers, and more

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Farm shop safety: Improving your odds

Learn about seven common problem areas around the shop and what you can do to improve safety for you and your employees. [Spanish]

Supporting materials:
Shop safety checklist (Spanish)
Shop safety training checklist
Shop safety reminder posters
Proper use of earplugs

10 minutes

Online Trainings

How to use an orchard ladder safely

Stay safe on orchard ladders by following the tips in this short video.

5 minutes


Find more information for agricultural educators here.

COVID-19 prevention safety plan
This editable word document includes resources and information for agricultural businesses working to comply with Oregon OSHA's temporary rules effective May 11, 2020. 

Off road vehicle safety:Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) (Spanish) and 10 minute safety talk (Spanish
An overview of UTV safety from operation and maintenance to employee training.

Irrigation safety (Spanish)
This handout discusses large irrigation system hazards and includes a training activity.

Interactive training
Review online training modules about new employee orientation, chemical safety, driving safely on and off the farm, and conscious decision making.

Compliance checklist (Spanish)

New employee orientation for farms (Spanish)

Hay bale safety  (Spanish)

Tractor Safety quiz  (Spanish)

Tractor Safety Tractor Safety quiz flash cards  (Spanish)

Working with Livestock

Branding safety checklist (Spanish)
10 minute safety talk (Spanish)
Handy checklist for things to consider when safely branding livestock.

Livestock safety: Vaccinations and other shots (Spanish)  
10 minute safety talk (Spanish)
This handy checklist includes a list of hazards and best practices to consider when delivering shots to livestock.

Cattle handling pointers (R. Gill, C. Pate and R. Machen) (Spanish)
Understanding the basic principles of cattle behavior can improve ease and speed while reducing animal stress.  

Dairy safety training guide (UC Davis)
Learn how to conduct short training sessions on identifying and controlling hazards, machinery safety, animal safety, and planning for emergencies.

How to handle sheep by Dr. Temple Grandin 
[Video] Duration: 60 minutes
This video series provides information on general sheep handling as well as best practices in specific circumstances like processing centers and market facilities. (Spanish)

Work safely with orchard ladders

(English and Spanish)

Pesticides and chemical hazards

This template will help you develop a written program for chemical hazards in your workplace. (Spanish)

Pesticide safety (Spanish) and 10 minute safety talk  (Spanish)
A checklist for best practices when applying pesticides.

Practical solutions for pesticide safety: handheld equipment (Pacific NW Agricultural Safety and Health Center)

Publications (EPA) (Spanish)
Information on safety and regulations regarding pesticide use.  

Worker Protection Standard (WPS) 

New Pesticide rules in Agriculture (Oregon State University)
This recorded webinar features Kaci Buhl from , as she explains the best ways to comply with the new pesticide rules in agriculture.

Handbook for Agricultural Employers  (Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative)
This resource provides information on the Worker Protection Standard. 

View the AEZ decision matrix.

Pesticide resources and videos (PERC)
View training resources and videos from the Pesticide Educational Resource Collaborative.

Respiratory protection

Respiratory hazards in farming (Penn State)
A quick guide to choosing the right type of respirator. 

Safety meetings and assessments

Tailgate safety modules for agriculture (Ohio State University)
Download brief trainings on a wide variety of agricultural topics. (English and Spanish)

Additional resources

National Ag Safety Database (NASD)
Find resources on a wide variety of agriculture topics.

Farm safety (Iowa State University)
Several resources covering farm topics like pesticides, livestock, and equipment.  

Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences (OIOHS)
Links to fact sheets and tips on agriculture safety and health.

Video library

Farm shop safety: Improving your odds

What do poker and farming have in common? Find out as we explore seven common problem areas around the typical farm shop, while learning to prevent injuries and improve safety.
10 minutes

Tractor safety elements

A significant percentage of agricultural injuries and fatalities occur on and around tractors. This video covers the nine important safety elements that Oregon OSHA requires every ag employer to review with their tractor drivers at least annually. Safety issues unique to the equipment and work environment are also discussed (2011).
12 minutes

Understanding ATV Stability

ATVs have become useful tools to increase productivity on Oregon farms, but they are powerful and potentially dangerous vehicles. This video demonstrates active riding techniques to improve ATV stability and provides practical safety tips to reduce injuries. (2012).
11 minutes

Supporting materials

ATV Training guide (Spanish)

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