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Agricultural educators

Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries. More than 400 people die each year from farm work-related injuries; more than 100 of those are under age 20.

Visit the Oregon OSHA website to learn more about agricultural safety and regulations. 


SAIF is partnering with educators and organizations like O[yes] to reach young workers as part of our vision to make Oregon the safest and healthiest state.

These resources will help start or supplement your safety program by guiding students through learning about hazards, controlling risks, and practicing safe behaviors.

Animals in the classroom

Animals in schools and daycares (CDC)
Safe handling of pet reptiles and amphibians (CDC)

Farm safety

Hazard checklists (California State Compensation Insurance Fund)
Comprehensive resource for inspections and hazard identification, in English and Spanish.

Can you identify fatal hazards on your farm or ranch? (OR-FACE and OHSU) 
Oregon farm fatality cases and safety recommendations. (Spanish)

Show Me Farm Safety (Missouri Department of Agriculture)
This site includes safety information on farm equipment, grain, and livestock. Kids corner provides learning resources for children.

Tractor safety

Tractor safety booklet (National Ag Safety Database)
Detailed information on tractor safety and maintenance.

The safe use of ATVs in agriculture (PennState Extension)
Includes an overview of ATV hazards in agriculture with ways to work more safely while using them.

Additional tractor safety resources for high school students (WorkSafeBC)  
Working safely on tractors  
Working safely around tractors

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