Industry-specific topics

Agriculture - Farm safety, including pesticides, vehicles, and seasonal workers

Agricultural educators - SAIF is partnering with educators and organizations like O[yes] to reach young workers as part of our vision to make Oregon the safest and healthiest state.

Construction/Maintenance - Safety tools for the building trades 

Education - Resources for the unique safety challenges faced by school employees

Forklifts (powered industrial trucks) -  There are many hazards associated with lifting and moving heavy equipment and materials.

Health care - Hazard control in hospitals and other health care settings

Restaurants/Kitchens - Prevent common restaurant injuries, including burns, cuts, and back pain

Janitorial/Housekeeping - Safety information for housekeepers, custodians, and janitors

Logging - Accident prevention, including tree falling and chainsaw safety

Manufacturing - Prevent amputations and other life-altering injuries

Small animal handling - Many businesses handle small animals, including veterinary practices, kennels, shelters, and groomers to name just a few.

Temp Workers - Temp work is a fast-growing-and potentially dangerous-occupation. These resources will help you understand your responsibilities and keep temporary workers safe.

Trucking safety - Truck drivers face high risks because they spend a lot of time on the road. These resources can help them stay safe and healthy.

Warehouse/Retail - Browse these resources to keep workers safe in retail and warehouse environments. 

Welding - Control hazards for welding, cutting, and burning



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